Today, Nov 21, 2014

I think I might try to get back into this whole blogging thing… Maybe…

We’ll see.

I find blogging interesting but for some reason I can’t ever hold myself accountable to be being regular with it. But really, it is interesting. Speaking your mind talking about some subject, maybe just writing down a string of random thoughts. Or maybe you take one thought and write about it in a bit more detail? I do this a lot with friends, but that is (to me) different from blogging. On a blog such as this, who is my audience? Some posts are technical, some are personal. Who am I speaking to when I type these words into this screen? What’s the point of even doing so? Is anyone going to read this? Will it change the world? Someones day? Maybe its just a thing for me. But then, why publish it publicly? Who knows.


Being an american, are you suppose to feel any different when you finally turn 21? Everyone around me acted like it was a big deal, but the way I see it, the only major difference is that now I can stock my own liquor cabinet rather than having to pay someone else to do so. I’ve been 21 for a week or two now and really… I don’t feel it. I don’t feel old. I don’t feel like I’ve been on this earth 21 years now.

I walk around campus and see all these people, who every year more and more are younger than me, and think “Why can’t I be older, like them?” I see myself as a young child running around in a foreign world, not a college student who only has another year before he graduates and gets turned loose on the Real World™. That being said, I do often think that, on the outside at least, I tend to be slightly more mature than most of my peers.


I woke up did my normal shower and eat breakfast routine then headed to campus. While walking I got stopped by the regular morning train, and today one of those train cars had some nice reassuring graffiti on the side of it that said “I’m Jacks wasted life…”

After having getting a small giggle from the graffiti, I went to my single class for Fridays, Digital Circuit design and theory or something like that, and ended up having a pop quiz. I feel kind of bad because half the class was gone because its the Friday before our week long Thanksgiving break. Some poor soul walked in with 5 minutes left in the class and the professor just said “You want to try? You have 5 minutes. If not, have a good weekend.”

Dang. Like, I know its partly the guys fault; who comes to class with only 5 minutes left in it? But still, I found it slightly harsh.

After that I did my normal 1.5 hour drive into work, during which time I passed the Batmobile. Only, it wasn’t your normal Batmobile because obviously Batman was trying to be incognito, as said Batmobile was disguised as a 2002 Ford Mustang…

Also there was this older lady on my way back home who was a decidedly giant dick. Seriously, she was a horrible driver and she should feel bad…

Nearly everyone I know says I shouldn’t take work home with me. Thinking about it now however, thats rather hard to do since I work remote most days of the week, since I normally can’t afford 3 hours of time for just driving to and from the office. But, as I sit here I’m taking a break from programming. However I wasn’t programming for work. Although, yes, I was working on a project which is helping me learn all the things about Rails, since work has for the most part changed from a Node.js to a Ruby on Rails gig for me. Does that mean that I’m still working in some capacity?

This tends to be a big problem for me. Mostly with programming stuff. I start learning about something in class or work on something at work or throw together something for a friend and suddenly I find myself completely engorged in the subject and learning as much as I can handle. Then after about a week of it, I tend to burn out on that branch and start researching and messing around with a new thing. Sometimes however it leads into a full-on project, transientbug got started this way. So did my RethinkDB Orm wrapper for Python (speaking of which, I should probably rewrite that and update the PyPi package… someday. Someday).

Currently I’m running through rails. I built a little thing to replace a spreadsheet that I have. The spreadsheet is basically just a review of shaving blades, each time I use one in my safety razor. The app was my first foray into Rails and the first major thing that I did with any Ruby code. I did it because I learned that I was going to be working more on Rails stuff for work since the Node.js stuff was moving towards the back burner. Since then I’ve taken a break from the Python world and have tried to stay fairly into the Ruby and Rails worlds.

I’ve also started a new Rails app. With the help of some RailsCasts videos and applying my knowledge from the Python web framework world I rolled my own authentication, added role base authorization and am now rolling a conversation thread system. It should, when finished, act a little like google hangouts or something where you have a many-to-many message platform and each person can enter and leave groups and have a “read up to message #” sort of thing. We’ll see how well it goes, since I just started working on it earlier tonight after getting back from work.

Those oreos I just ate were pretty good. I needed them. Needed, obviously.

I should go across the street to the liquor store one of these days and buy some cider and maybe some vanilla porters…

Dang… 1017 Words in just a short while… WELP. Thats been today.