Who is this kid?!

Hey there, random internet wander! Welcome to my little corner of the  web.

I’m a Computer Engineering student, work as a software developer for a startup and have a few random Python packages published. I also wrote transientBug (and the web framework it runs on), my personal GIF library. You can find my blog here.

I like the colors green, blue and some reds, Pilot G2 ..38mm pens, polos and jeans and neon yellow shoelaces.

You can typically find me by my fairly universal handle of JoshAshby on flickr, github, the freenode IRC network (nick: JoshAshby most days), rdio, reddit (uh, yeah no, no username for you) and twitter @JoshPAshby.

Other things to note:

I have built several robots, the most noticeable one being BOB, or Bouncing Off Bumpers, which is a competition robot my grandfather and I built for the Sparkfun AVC (Autonomous Vehicle Competition) 2009, and 2010. Fun fact: during the 2010 year, BOB won the Kill Switch award.

During the summer of 2010, I had the chance to do an internship/job shadow at Sparkfun, you can find photos here: SparkFun Intern on Flickr. In addition to this, I have also done an unpaid/unofficial internship/job shadow sort of thing with a software engineer at Seagate Inc. I then returned to SparkFun and was an IT intern for two summers, getting to work in PHP and some client side JavaScript.

Sometime ago I wrote a fairly popular ORM sort of wrapper for the Python driver for RethinkDB. You can find it on PyPi here.

These days I’m currently working part time during the school year at Gloo as a Ruby on Rails and Node.JS developer on the analytics team.

I’ve also been Hack-A-Day’ed, for the PCB Drill press my grandfather and I built a many summers back: Hack-A-Day drill press.