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A dash of Python = API

After several weeks of limited development due to finals in school, I have been able to sit around for several days and completely rewrite my API for the third time in Python. My first version was rewritten in Object Oriented Perl, however I found that I could not easily do everything I wanted to do with Perl, and I discovered the Web.py project for Python and fell in love. I also found CoffeeScript and have finally began to work a lot with it.

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Program, sleep, program, repeat

It’s been a while since I’ve had a big software challenge as most of my time of energy have been focused on BOB. Because of this, I’ve decided to make a CMS using Perl.

Thats right, the first useful thing I’m programming in Perl is yet another blogging and content management system. I decided to use Perl because it’s become the second best thing in the world, pulling in right behind Python, and because Irecently got this new web server (thanks to the parents and birthdays), I have a public place to show off my Perl. Also, Perl’s ease of use with MySQL databases, and it’s ability to handle text in a neat fashion makes it a good choice for this. Continue reading Program, sleep, program, repeat

Welcome to the new joshashby.com

Welcome to joshashby.com.

Most will notice this site, and my old site at josh.byethost16.com look and function the same, the only difference being that this site has Perl and Python, among other things on it, which my old site does not.

To take a look at the Perl, I uploaded BOB’s website. It features a CMS that I wrote  my self (which you can find the source for in my bedroom-server github repo) with visual effects powered by MooTools, the javascript framework that softdrink on #sparkfun was kind enough to show me. You can find the site here: http://bob.joshashby.com. Hope the transition to this new server continues to go smoothly!

Websites, CMS’s, MySQL, PHP and … Perl?

One of the difficulties with maintaining a personal project site, such as this one (http://joshashby.com) is updating the content. Once upon a time, when my site was less than a year old and on the freeweb network, I manually opened my pages, added the content I wanted, and saved/closed the file. This worked fine for me, except for the fact that I could not modify, and update my site from any computer. Continue reading Websites, CMS’s, MySQL, PHP and … Perl?