Hello Server!

Welcome to the new JoshAshby.com Server!

I  finally got around to making a memory efficient web server on my VPS so now JoshAshby.com is hosted thanks to GenVPS, lighttpd, php5, mysql, maradns, vsftpd and openSSH. Enjoy!

New Theme

Time for the yearly new theme design (some may notice that for the last few weeks, I’ve been running a stock theme because a few features in my old one were being broken) So until I get this theme worked out and going, I maybe bouncing around themes.

A dash of Python = API

After several weeks of limited development due to finals in school, I have been able to sit around for several days and completely rewrite my API for the third time in Python. My first version was rewritten in Object Oriented Perl, however I found that I could not easily do everything I wanted to do with Perl, and I discovered the Web.py project for Python and fell in love. I also found CoffeeScript and have finally began to work a lot with it.

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