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Drill press

Update: Having moved servers, and stopped using my previous image gallery plugin, photos for this post are not showing up. Over the next few weeks, I will be working on fixing this, but please bare with me. Feb 11, 2012

Having completed etching my Quad Low-side motor controller board, I needed to drill out the holes, the only problem: I don’t have a drill press, and the nearest readily available one is at my grandparents house two towns away.

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After several hours of research going deeper into the motor controller designs that my current Generation 3 electronics is based off of, I have finally found a few things that i can add for safety to my design, and a few suggestions to try in order to get the design working. First thing that I saw suggested a few times was adding a cap across the power lines, and while this is something I normally do, I forwent installing them this time for simplicity of the design, so I added a 1000uF 50V cap, and have a 10uF ready to go if needed. this cap is for voltage drops when the motor first kicks in.

Second thing I saw suggested a few times also was the use of a 12V zener diode between GND and the output line of the TC4424CPA mosfet driver. this diode is for power spikes, only allowing 12V or less to exist on the output line.

Finally someone suggested that the mosfet driver was burning out because it was being forced to drive a failed mosfet, so I stuck a brand new mosfet into the system, and BOOM it works perfectly, no over heating of anything, and no magic smoke went along with perfect results, now all that is left is a PWM ramp up, and ramp down test since this is a motor controller we’re talking about.

GUI madness

First off Linux And Sci would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season.

After having messed around with Open Frameworks for about 2 weeks now, I’ve come to a) like it, and b) want to remake BOBs control GUI with it. Because BOB has a modular build system, and can relay as much information to the computer as needed, making a GUI for him doesn’t always work out as being the easiest part of the project. PyQt tends to not want to play nice with Pygames joystick command from what I’ve messed around with it, and I would like to do the GUI in C or C++ with the under laying levels being Python and Perl as needed. This is because Python provides a nice, and in my personal¬†opinion, easy to use serial module: Pyserial. Coding the main GUI in C means I refresh my past C days, and with the addition of Open Frameworks, things such as threads are easy to use, and the joystick can be handled by OpenGL which also can take care of graphics. Continue reading GUI madness