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2012 Blueprints

New Featured Image

I’d like to welcome you all to the newest rendition of!

After 5+ years of moving around from server to server, theme to theme and blog to blog, has seen many corners and dark times on the internet, however since the move to a private virtual server from GigaTux/GenVPS, now has its first true personal home.

To help make this new home a little more unique, and homely feeling, will be introducing some new features over the next few months. These include:

  • The already introduced theme Brightpage by Effi
  • Podcasts on various topics, ranging from projects to news
  • Better upkeep of the project page
  • and a Store (under the “Buy Something!” navigation bar link)

That’s right, a store. and it’s server cost a few dollars a month to run, however these few dollars add up over the year-long span; To help fund this site as a result, I’ve opened shop. Currently the only thing you can buy is a $2.00 photo download however new products will be coming over the months. Just a few purchases a month and can happily keep running and providing ever-deepening content and news. If you would like to see the photo and maybe even buy it, head up to the menu bar and click on “Buy Something!” is also open to suggestions for news to report on, and the possibility for a few guest writers (both however should be closely tied to computer science in some way); Simply contact us at joshuaashby@joshashby.comwith your suggestions or proposals!