Just felt like doing a short thing on why I love to take photos.

Those of you who know me, and have done things like go on hikes with me, or been around me when I have my camera, know that I tend to take a lot of photos. In a week I can do upwards of 1000 if not more (but only a few make it onto flickr, for those who watch my stream).

While I may not be a photographer, I do like to think of myself as pretty adept around a camera.

Personally, I love to take photos, not for the art value, not because they can turn out to look nice, but because for me, photography is a way to let the world see through my eyes. With my photos, I can show you how I see a plant, how a flower looks, or how the mathematics classroom appears to me. I can save a moment in time, and look at it forever. I’m not confined to the same rules that everyone else is. Many of my friends have a hard time showing what they mean, or explaining what they see, hear or feel, but all I have to do is take a photo. My photos reflect who I am, inside and out. Some photos show me, the me that everyone sees, a teenager running around with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel and a nice Sigma 70-300mm Telephoto lens. Other photos show who I am inside; my values, such as the mountains, leafs and small furry critters. Some are sad, others are happy, all because of what I was feeling at the time I took that photo. Thats what I love about photography, and while all the arts can do this, photography is great because digital lasts forever and is quick, as long as there is electricity. You don’t have to worry about the developer screwing up the chemicals, or the canvas backing getting stretched with time. You don’t have to worry about your majestic symphony getting placed in a hutch and getting forgotten about. All you have to worry about is how to show what you feel, and what your battery level is.