Redesign and #comments

Some of the regular visitors may have noticed that the site has changed a little bit. I finally got time a few weeks ago to sit down and totally rewrite the theme. Three hours in total, at 2am I was posting the theme live.

Nothing important has changed, except for the fact that now the tiny CSS grid, and Less CSS are used to handle the layout of the site, which means that some bugs such as the side bar being longer than the page, has been fixed (some people experienced this on shorter posts). The logo has also been slightly redesigned, and on some of the header images will appear, so keep an eye out.

In other news, I have been slowly commenting the code for BOB, in preparation for the build season coming up soon. I have also been replacing some constants that are used in multiple files with a common global variable, this makes it easier to switch board designs. Finally, I’ve also been working on integrating some more functions into the libraries, such as buttons and switches, simply so that certain settings can be changed on the fly during competition without having to upload new code each time.

To go along with the changes in the code, I’ve been designing a new set of boards, two of which are motor controller boards, or “Nodes” as the board layouts are going back to generation 2, with a modular system for quick removal and replacement. The other board is the main brains of everything, with the Atmega on board.

This move to the modular system also prepares the electronics for the Generation 5 which hopefully will introduce smart nodes, where each node is capable of operating on it’s own, and each node communicates with it’s neighbors through an I2C network.

New documentation on these changes and updates will be coming relatively soon.

And finally, I’ve been working on making a bootable live cd based off of Ubuntu 10.10 which is designed for quick starting a temporary cluster with the Hadoop distributed processing project. It also has the option to install the stripped down Ubuntu system, and then provides the Hadoop tools on the cd, only ssh configuration, and changing config settings in the main Hadoop files. When I eventually get this working, and have a few minutes to post the code, documentation, and examples I’ll get it up on Github.