Daily Archives: July 13, 2009

BOBv2 is finished

I finally got around to finishing BOB’s version 2 board, and the motor controllers, I’ll have a schematic of his whole board up after I make one, and I’ll see about making a video of him running soon. So heres what’s new on his board:

  1. Thermal cut off: when the temp gets too high, as monitored by a thermistor, an op-amp (741) will trigger a transistor that the motor controllers data flows through, cutting off data to the mosfets and hopefully stopping him.
  2. Improved mosfet control: the mosfets are being driven at the 10-12v range now, instead of the 5v on ver. 1, this means the mosfets (irf540N) will open more and allow more amps to flow to the motor and less heat be generated on the mosfets.
  3. Flyback diode: i’ve added a flyback diode to each of the motor controllers to help with spikes from turning on and off the motor.

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