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US FIRST Robotics Colorado Regionals

UPDATE March 26, 2009 Well, this morning it was snowing and by the time I got up there was about 3 inches, give or take of snow, and DU was closed. One would think that if DU closed, the FIRST competition would be postponed, but nope they said it was still a go; that is until 10:30 when the building has to be totally emptied. Better luck tomorrow!

Tomorrow (March 26) Marks the start of the Colorado Regionals for the FIRST Robotics Challenge this year. I’ll be sure to take photos of the the team and our robot, along with information on the competition, what it was like and how we did. This being my first year on a FIRST team I have no clue what to expect of the competitions, but I get a feeling there pretty crazy, hope my coding can take it. Hope for a great, amazing three days of robotics, and wish our team luck!

Team 1377 Adams 12 Robotics

The robot: More information coming soon, along with pictures ;P

Good luck to all other teams also, play great, and have fun! Cya there

First look at B.O.B. (Bouncing Off Bumpers)

Well, here’s the first look at what B.O.B.*’s frame looks like. It’s is made out of welded steel cubic tubing, and has two soft rubber crazy wheels in the front, and a red soft rubber stationary wheel in the back.


The steering rods are just 1 inch wide steel plating that is welded to the crazy wheels. Steering is controlled by a motor taken from a Black and Decker screwdriver.


The drive consists of a motor taken (with the gear box and chuck) from an old Ryobi drill, the drill motor is mounted on more welded 1 inch wide steel plating. Attached to the drill via a very nice, turned down shaft from my neighbor is a belt pulley. The belt that is on this pulley attaches to the back red soft rubber wheel via a larger belt pulley.

The small wood block that has the center of it cut out is the battery holder. the battery is an Everlast Motorcycle lead acid battery.

The control system will hopefully consist of two Atmega168’s linked together in an I2C network (if I have time to get this working) or via an on board computer. The first Atmega will control the sensors and collect data. The second one will control the two motor controllers, I still have no idea how I’m going to get this thing to drive it’s self around a building without crashing.

Best of luck to anyone in this competition. for more information on what the Sparkfun autonomous competition is, visit the page:

Also, feel free to share your robot project with everyone in the comments or send me a link to the robot’s build page at

* – B.O.B. stands for Bouncing Off Bumpers


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